Wednesday, May 14, 2014

iPad vs. Bay Window

In our living room, we have a bay window. This is huge, it almost takes up 75% of a wall. I have never lived in a home that had such a huge window. This bay window offers a nice view, green lawns, colorful trees, flowers, shrubs and all kinds of birds. Facing the bay window, we have a indoor hammock. If I lay down in that hammock at night, I can see the sky, star, moon and all the lovely things night sky can offer.

Unfortunately I don’t find time or don’t make effort to lay down and relax. But when I do find some time to lay down and decompress, I have two simple choices,

  1. Watch the nigh sky in our 7x7 feet bay window. Wonder the nature, think about the universe and feel how tiny I am in this universe.
  2. Or, Grab this tiny iPad and browse the internet.

Unfortunately, most of the times, I pick iPad.