Thursday, July 25, 2013

GifCam + Genymotion = True Awesomeness

Lately I have been playing with Android animations. Animations are not easy thing to share. There are few options to show off the animation, Video or GIFs. For a few seconds animation Videos feel like heavy duty tool. GIFs are near perfect tool for the job.

GifCam is a free Windows tool that captures any part of your screen, in any size and saves as GIF file. It is no nonsense tool. Single executable file. No installation. Just copy it and it just works. Sadly this is just on Windows. No apps or no cameras.

If you want to capture something  and express it as GIF, there are several apps out there. They use phone’s camera or existing pictures and make GIF out of it. This method is as good as your stable hands.

If you want to capture something in Android and don’t want to use an GIF maker app, then you should check out Genymotion. Genymotion is an Android Virtual Machine unlike Android Emulator, it is pretty fast, runs well & free. If you are an Android developer, dump the emulator and switch to Genymotion. It is freaking fast. 

After downloading the Genymotion, download a prebuilt virtual machine and start it. Bring up the GifCam on top of the Virtual Machine window, record & save. That simple. Here is a sample I made.