Monday, July 23, 2012

Elon Musk

Innovation thrives where different technologies and fields converge. People or company that understand different markets make great products/services. Sony the great hardware makers and music production company, is not the inventors of iPod. Google the search company is not the leader of people/social search. Nokia once the the largest phone manufacturer is struggling to survive in the age of smart phones.

There are three notable companies that understood this and succeeded so far.

  • PayPal An ecommerce company that brought Peer to Peer pay to internet.
  • Tesla Motors Electric car manufacturers. When giant auto makers were asking for bailout money, this Silicon Valley company launched their first all electric sports car.
  • SpaceX There are few nations launched something to the orbit successfully. This small company sent a cargo capsule to international space station in ten years of its invention.

All these three companies have one thing in common. Its founder Elon Musk.