Wednesday, April 27, 2011

UN publishes report on war crimes committed against Tamils, What can you do to stop it?

After long sleep and strong opposition from big powers like Russia, China and India[Yes same India, the country of Gandhi] and Sri Lanka, these big power’s loyal slave, UN publishes its report on war crimes committed against innocent Tamils. This report brings hidden truth about Sri Lanka and its masters India and China. How these big powerful countries ignored rights and lives of two hundred thousand Tamils and massacred them without any witness.

It finally tells the tale of why Sri Lanka government didn't and don't let any media including Red Cross into their country.

What you can do?

  1. Read this report. Truth may not be pretty but you have to know it. Strength of the Truth lies on our hands. Truth is like light, the more you know it, brighter it gets and tougher it becomes for the criminals.
  2. Share this report, Tweet it, blog it, Facebook it. Spread the truth. If we ignore this, then we encourage these murderers.
  3. Stop buying products from Sri Lanka, China and India[Yes same India, the country of Gandhi] . You may feel like, how can we stop buying thing made in China? At least stop buying one thing. Changes will happen if we all come together.

 Report Of The Secretary-General’S Panel Of Experts On Accountability In Sri Lanka.


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