Saturday, April 2, 2011

How do I have code in my blog?

My brian is wired to syntax highlighted code. When I see some code and its not syntax highlighted, It takes me longer to parse and umderstand code. Lately I have been using few websites to display code in my blog. Unfortunately there is no magic bullet yet.
  • gist.github: Decent site, No private store and No AutoHotkey support :)

  • snipplr: Supports private code snippets and tags. Doesn't add background color to code snippet, if your site’s background is not white, you have to edit the embed script every time you paste.

;Auto type Master Password by sending AutoType command to KeePass

  1. ^+c::
  2. {
  3. KeyWait, LWin
  4. Send, ^c
  5. Sleep 50
  6. Run,
  7. }

View this snippet on Snipplr

  • pastebin: Supports AutoHotKey :). Color theme is not my cup of tea. But I am going to give a try.