Thursday, April 28, 2011

Enhanced Scrollbar in Productivity Power Tools

Visual Studio is one of the best IDE out there, though extensions were part of Visual Studio before, Visual Studio 2010 rocks with lot of cool extensionsProductivity Power Tool is one of my favorite with ton of features. You can find more info in the extension page. Though I have been using 2010 for a while, I haven't noticed Enhanced Scrollbar feature till today. It operates one three mode,

  1. Scrollbar mode
    • Scroll bar with some tiny color rectangles, each rectangle gives you info about cursor location, search term matching locations, break point and bookmark locations etc…. By clicking the tiny square you can navigate code faster.
  2. Map mode
    • Scrollbar mode plus instant preview. By hovering over the cursor, it displays the code in a preview window.


  3. Full Mode
    • Map mode plus zoomed put page as scrollbar. Gives overview of the whole page with instant preview,


It also comes with tons of options and you can switch modes just by right clicking the scroll bar.

image  image