Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Set Album title of media files using Powershell script

Simple and functional is always best. WinAmp used be this kind in early 2000. Its gone through many changes from a audio player to full blown media player for good or bad. Its very natural to organize music library in set of folders. You can open up set of folder in WinAmp and it will play like a champ.

Here comes Windows Media Player with “Album Art” and library etc… It scans your files and sort them based on their media header details like Artist, Album.

Anyway long story in short, I have these set of folder and this is my music library. In my desktop I use older version of WinAmp that is light and portable to play music and use Windows Media Player to sync my music with my Windows Mobile Treo 750. Till this point no issues. I don't like the way WM works so I don't use it to play them.

Problem starts here, There is no WinAmp for Windows Mobile and I am stuck with Windows Media Player. Meda Player in mobile doesn't have any clue about how to play a folder. You are suffocated to death with “Album”. Not all my music files have proper Album names. So I get wired album list and files are shuffled in a Album called “Unknown”.

So I wrote a simple power shell script to set proper album names to my music files, In my case Folder name is Album name.

Its very straightforward, download TagLib#, Get all the media files and go through one by one and set Album title and save the file.

There is another tool Mp3Tag, its hac neat UI to batch update MP3 tags.