Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Project Oli

We remember people for something they did for us. Still I remember all my college friends moms. Life in dorm was fun except the food. Now I realize that its not the taste, its monotonous.

Going out wasn't very economical in those college days. So people were discovering all sort of techniques to solve this problem. I figured out a way and it was very economical. Having lot friends and especially girls. Boys always wanted hangout in our place rather their homes. Afraid of their dirty little secrets like exam results, attendance. Poor girls, they don't have that freedom. So we hung out on their homes. Free food and people to pick on :). Only bill I had to pay, tell their mom, food was excellent :).

Life became more luxuries. Why would you want to go out when it was 90+ degree outside, when you could get door delivery. We would ask our friend Siva to come to our house for group study. He doesn't like eating out, so he always brought his food. Mi Casa Su Casa, All his food was ours once he entered into the castle :). He was a nice guy, rather avoiding us he started bring food for all of us.

In India usually kitchen is restricted zone for men. May be because its only place Indian women have for themselves in the house or men purposefully avoided that place. Not sure. We always made fun of him for his cooking skill. I never had opportunity to thank him. Still I blame his curse for my self cooking. He always used to curse us for teasing him. Time has answered, Me cooking and he is making fun of me :(

Project Oli, Named after him. For next few weekends he is going to provide his recopies and watch me cooking in web cam :)

Last week, a trial run pictures here, Recipes latter.

DSC_0253 DSC_0255 DSC_0270

Proof that I did cook and survived my cooking :)